Product creation takes collaboration. 

The process works best when there is a common objective. Over the years, we have been fortunate to attract some amazing people to join us. Our clients are people who want to protect the environment and the health of their customers. They are visionary revolutionaries. They become the leaders in the industry whose work inspires others to follow.

A strong brand, one that endures season after season, year after year, is the result of intensely focused, thoughtful development. Looking past the norms and boundaries of what has been, Prima Fleur is a place where limitations are questioned, expectations are pushed higher, and the extraordinary happens.

Bring us your dreams and goals, and we will work on sourcing the ingredients and creating the products that perfectly fulfill your objectives. Our formulas are innovative because we know, with over thirty years of experience, how to invent ways to use natural and organic ingredients that will shape the direction of the industry. To find the very best materials for your products, we source ingredients from the far reaches of the world.

When there is respect for other cultures and science alike, an appreciation of wisdom gained over thousands of years, and the conviction to follow a principled course, there becomes a product or a brand that sings to the natural heart.

creams in jars with oil and natural ingredients

Esse Quam Videri
To be rather than to seem

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