Manufacturing Capabilities

Located at 84 Galli Drive, our R&D and manufacturing facility houses 55,400 square feet and as our clients see more and more success, we continually expand our operations.  

We are an FDA registered facility and follow GMP procedures in all operations. We have three fully equipped laboratories for product development and on-site microbiology testing, along with separate and divided areas for compounding, filling, component warehousing, raw material storage, and administrative offices. We can manufacture to ship in bulk or assemble units by filling, capping or sealing, labeling, and batch coding in bottles, jars, tubes, and tins of all sizes, with a daily output of 20,000 to 40,000 units.  

Our raw materials, packaging, and orders are tracked by administrative staff using computerized and online systems for efficiency. These are protected with the latest security measures to ensure confidentiality for all our clients. 

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Our Services Include:

Private Label


Product Formulation

Product R&D







Products are compounded in any of our seven stainless steel mixing kettles with high-speed emulsifying and homogenizing motors. Our fillers, cappers, and sealers are fully automated for larger orders, and we also have semi-automated equipment for small orders. 

We have heated automatic filling machines for waxes and balms, Nordenmatic tube fillers that sequentially fill, seal, batch code, and trim, and our fully automated production line includes a multi-head filler with cappers and a two-sided labeler. We also have a semi-automated tamp labeler. Batch coding is performed with either a thermal printer, ink jet coder, or laser coder, depending on the container. 

Regardless of batch size, GMP and Eco Vadis Conditions as well as ISO and OSHA guidelines are being followed to ensure the highest quality products and the safety of our employees. We collaborate with you to ensure that your final product meets the standards set. 


Our Specialty Processors Include:

Nordenmatic 602 Tube Filler

IKA Homeogenizers

Simplex MultiHead Filler

Kinex Customizable Chuck
Head Cappers

CVC Automatic Labelers

Jorestech Electromagnetic Induction Sealers

Product & Component Testing

We conduct testing of each component, including closures and seals and any boxes or inserts, labels, etc. before production. Our testing should be completed before you order components from your supplier. Tests performed include: 

• Fill level check. 

• Freeze/thaw. 

• Elevated heat. 

• Dosage and ease of use of closures. 

• Stability and component/product interactions. 

• Label application, heat seals, etc. as required. 

We initiate challenge testing by preparing samples and sending them to an independent laboratory. Resources for RIPT, ocular and other testing provided on request.


Before production, Prima Fleur will work with your label company to obtain a sample roll of blank labels, in your exact material, cut with the exact die, so we can test application and batch coding. 

We suggest providing them with samples of the component you’ve chosen to be sure the material and adhesive are compatible. Depending on your desired component, silk screening may be a better choice than labels. This is often the case with glass containers, for example, which may have slight irregularities that can cause variations in application. 

We can offer resources for skilled label printing and silk-screening companies with whom we have worked in the past. Prior to final approval, Prima Fleur will review your label design to proof the ingredients list and other copy for any errors, as well as double-check the orientation specified.

We assist our custom manufacturing clients every step of the way, from planning to final product, from one product to a complete line. Please contact us at for more information regarding this program.