Resort and Spa

We offer a wide range of Premier Products for resort and spa that can be combined with any of our proprietary blends to create unique personal care or amenities for your clientele. Whether you own a spa, wellness center, retail store, or private salon or medical practice, private label with Prima Fleur gives you the purest, most therapeutic line for the least development capital.

Our luxurious preparations are ideal for any property that seeks to be on the cutting edge of environmental stewardship without sacrificing quality. We are leaders in innovation in natural cosmetics, and formulate with the most effective and clean ingredients produced. For example, our biodegradable bath gels use the latest plant-based surfactants, making them perfectly suited to properties in biologically sensitive areas.


Our Products & Scents

Bath gel, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner are just the beginning. We offer creative product options for customization through scent and extraordinary essential oil blends that cannot be found anywhere else. These distinctive synergies have been designed from our selection of more than 250 therapeutic-grade essential oils for use in a variety of personal care products.


Custom Essential Oil Blends

We can even consult with you on developing a custom essential oil blend that is the perfect complement to your natural surroundings. We create each and every custom amenity blend with a property’s specific location in mind. The distinct environment of a property is one reason guests return time and again. Therefore, we blend oils from plants native to an area or that complement these oils for a truly original blend that evokes a sense of place through scent, which is most closely associated with memory.

Let our experienced Sales team help you create an original amenity line, including packaging and labeling consultation.


To order or learn more please contact us at or call 415.455.0957.