The Prima Fleur Essential Oil line includes over 400 therapeutic-quality pure essential oils, precious absolutes, and potent carbon dioxide extracts for use in aromatherapy and personal care.

Our clients have access to an exclusive collection of complex and unique essential oil blends. These extraordinary oils and synergies have been created for use in massage oils, aromatherapy diffusers, or be incorporated into our pure unscented body, skin and hair care products. Our line of essential oils, blends and absolutes include ECOCERT® certified organic products.

Essential Oil Blends

Over sixty extraordinarily complex and unique essential oil blends are available for use as inhalants, in massage oils, and aromatherapy diffusers. A careful selection of essential oil blends is designed to mix into our unscented skin, body, and hair care products. All essential oils are available in retail sizes and bulk

These remarkable synergies have been created for use in massage oils, diffusers, and for enhancing and scenting our body, skin and hair care products. The essential oils listed in the "Featuring" column are representative of the main oils used in each blend. Each blend is a unique and complex formulation that contains many more of our exclusive therapeutic essential oils than are listed.


Guided by our commitment to environmental and economic sustainability, our selection of suppliers includes many who operate on small, family-owned farms and distilleries. Most of these relationships go back decades. Their superior product quality, as well as their dedication to our mutually valued environmental goals, is a hallmark of Prima Fleur’s collection. The programs we support afford local populations an economic boost while guaranteeing the ecosystem has a good chance at being balanced with an abundance of wild plants. For our loyal commitment to people whose lives are tied closely with the land, we benefit from having a supply of essential oils instilled with integrity and the knowledge of the ages. We frequently purchase a single farm or distiller’s entire yearly output of an ingredient, to provide it exclusively to our customers.


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