Prima Fleur and Sustainability

Over thirty years of steady growth in the natural and organic personal care development and manufacturing business has taught us much about the world. Ironically, the most important thing we have learned is that our original founding goal was unending. Finding a balance with nature by replacing as much as we take seems endless.

Our intention has always been to remain dedicated to the health of our plant.

Just 100 years ago, children grew up believing the planet possessed vast untraveled areas, untouched, unspoiled by the human species. Now, children fear the extinction of large numbers of species is imminent, possibly including their own. The Arctic is becoming a transcontinental river as the seas are warming. Micro bits of plastic are in every animal! We know one fact that is most certainly a cause, our consumption is unbalanced and unchecked.

We can make a difference if our business prioritizes the planet's health. In that effort, Prima Fleur has dedicated every step to a strict review of our supply chain, manufacturing processes, waste management, workforce, and corporate social responsibility to give back.

We have set accelerated timelines in waste management, eliminating our use of plastic while encouraging and educating our clients on how they may do the same.

As a natural and organic personal care creation leader, we support and participate in the certification agencies that regulate the standards for clean processes, total transparency, and traceable documentation for reporting. We conduct on-site visits with many of our vendors to ensure they work in the same spirit by taking care of the land, not over-harvesting, and supporting their workforce with fair labor standards protecting the rights of women and children.